Friday, July 03, 2009

We're Off to See the...

Somehow wizard seems a bit of an odd word to use to describe the trip we are about to take. So, perhaps, we're off to see the Schuler?

Our final preparations are done. We re-packed last night to ensure everything is underweight, and I still think we are cutting it close with Andrea's bag. Luckily, when we return home we will have less to bring as some of the weight comes from tools that will be broken or left, food that will be eaten and clothes that will be ruined. I find it hard to believe that my first dig experience was three years ago already, and my bags were most definitely lighter on that return trip. I left much of what I had brought specifically for the dig at the kibbutz in the hopes that we would be able to return to the site. Unfortunately, we were sent home...Hippos and I have some unfinished business. I look forward to what we might find this year!

The next time you hear from me may be in a few hours (if I send a brief message from the airport in Tel Aviv), or it may be in a couple of days (as the internet may not be immediately available at the Kibbutz).

For some additional reading - since tomorrow is the Fourth please take a look at "4 More Forgotten Founding Fathers" on mental_floss.

Food for thought: I'm trying to decide if I should end posts that same way I did three years ago with a "food for thought" question. Any thoughts?

TRAVEL UPDATE; 5:51 PM Eastern: It pays to have connections. Andrea's sister and our nephew came to visit us at the Philadelphia Airport. Unfortunately, the airport doesn't offer much outside of security, so, using her sister's military status, we were able to come back through security into the USO area where we had some food, time to play and internet to use!

I wanted to update the luggage situation - Andrea's bag came in at exactly 50 pounds! What a sigh of relief that was, any heavier and we would've had to unpack something, or pay a $50 fee.

We need to be at our gate by 7:15, so we have a bit more time to hang out with family.

More updates will come when we reach Tel Aviv.

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