Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cam's Mom Should be Proud

There are only 5 people working in our square - Arny (our fearless leader, whose first year here was also my first year, so we go way back), Cameron (you know who he is), Eric and Will (here with the Concordia Irvine group) and me. The disadvantage our group has is that Arny gets called away occasionally to do survey work (mostly at the end of the day), and I get called away to do drawings (which has thus far been mostly at the end of the day, as well, but as more is revealed, I will spend less and less time digging and more and more time measuring and drawing). However, even with this "handicap" of being left sometimes with only three workers in the square, much dirt has been moved these past 4 days, as you have probably learned from Cameron's posts. What is more impressive is how many big rocks have been moved by these boys, and how far they have to move them (especially up) as the dirt gets lower and lower. And so, as I said, I believe Cameron's mom would be proud of how hard he is working and how many big rocks he can move (and his dad can use this information to get any yard work done at home, perhaps) - and I'm sure that while Cameron is proud of his "rolling-stones" skills, he is probably even more proud of the fact that he got a college degree and doesn't have to do this for a living.

Enjoy the videos. The first is the general "this is how big, heavy rocks are moved," and the second is Cameron and Eric rolling a stone through a doorway, then showing off their "manliness."

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Beth said...

Okay Cameron, I watched the video on how to use the net and lift a large rock out of a hole. I don't think your butt was sticking out enough. Work on that. You don't want to hurt your back. HaHa.
Guessing you are building plenty of muscle to help with some projects around here.