Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Almost Stepped on a Hedgehog!

Here are five reasons why today was one of the best dig days:

A) Cloud cover - The clouds kept appearing and blocking out the sun until sometime after breakfast... big deal when you're working outside!
B) Breeze - A nice breeze all day long helped keep the work site just a little cooler, although it did get a little irritating towards the end when it was blowing so hard it was almost impossible to keep the dust out of your eyes.
C) Chocolate milk - They had chocolate milk (in a bag) at breakfast today. Yum!
D) Popsicles - Everyday we get fruit on the site and have our "fruit break" at 11 am. Today (like last Tuesday) popsicles were brought in addition to the fruit, and they have never tasted so good as they do under the hot sun, while working hard and sweating and being so close to quitting time.
and 5) "Arny's Army" expanded. After breakfast, our square gained some help. Our original Arny's Army included Arny (duh!), Cameron, Eric, Will, and me, and we gained Darryl, Drew, and Sam - which was AWESOME! The boys moved a LOT of gigantic rocks away and we were able to steadily haul away bucket after bucket of dirt like a well oiled machine. Thanks guys!

Good day of work today.

Also, this morning it was very dark and I heard a small sound as Cameron and I walked to the bus and he said, "Andrea! Look!" And to the left of my foot was a small dark blob, that started moving. It was a hedgehog. I almost stepped on it.

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bsandtana said...

And where is the pictue of the supposed hegdghog? UMMM? ;-)