Friday, July 24, 2009


Three weeks of digging down, and one to go. On Sunday a group arrives who will be doing a 3-D scan of the entire site, so we're not even sure how much digging we will be able to do next week.

I can't believe this is our last weekend in Israel. Time has absolutely flown by.

There were really no new developments on site yesterday...So, I will share one of the perks that we have enjoyed this year - POPSICLES!

Everyday at 11 AM we have a "fruitbreak" usually consisting of plums or apples, but over the past weeks we've also had popsicle breaks at least once a week (we actually had two popsicle breaks this week!). Nothing tastes as good as a frozen treat when you're hot and dirty and sweaty. I don't know how he gets them up on the hill still completely frozen, but my kudos to Edmond (the kibbutz representative to the dig who helps with logistical things like breakfast, etc).

In other news, Arny somehow managed to get an ostrich egg for Kristina...none of us can quite figure out how he managed to do it, but there has been some speculation about crazy contraptions and ninjas being involved.

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bsandtana said...

Hey, those popsicles DO look good! I want one!

Cool egg!