Sunday, July 05, 2009

"Israel Romance"

It's amazing how very "at home" I feel at this kibbutz - coming on this trip 3 previous years will do that to a person, I guess. The best part, though, is within the first few days of returning, actually being recognized by people here. Ephrat is the woman who works to provide all volunteer diggers/"archaeologists" housing, food, laundry services, etc. for the month of the dig. If there is a problem, question or concern, she is the lady with all the answers. This afternoon at lunch, she came over and welcomed me back and congratulated Cameron and me on getting married. At dinner, she came over again and said it was a wonderful thing and stated, "I feel like we have played a part in your romance here." Although she thought we met on the dig (when we were both here 3 years ago), after we told her we were already dating by that time, she still insisted that this place has a history in us and she was glad to be a part of it and that it is a "wonderful thing." Well... she's not wrong! I suppose this place is pretty important to us, and I am very happy to be back here now sharing the whole experience with Cameron.

And... I just think it's cool that people remember me here!

In other, random news: one of the wheels broke off my big suitcase, so my goal is to get rid of enough stuff before we have to leave that I just don't have to try to cart a one-wheeled, lopsided heavy suitcase back home... hopefully I'll be able to condense and get creative with my packing!


Beth said...

Does this mean I need to start looking for another big suitcase before you head to Turkey?

bsandtana said...

What great memories you and Cameron will have. There is something so romantic about digging in the dirt together! ;-)