Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lying Down on the Job

Cleaning out the Drain (by Candid Cameron)

Remember that drain I told you about yesterday? I think I failed to mention that after Dr. Schuler said "Yeah, it's a drain" he finished by saying "and you know what we find in drains?!" He was referring to coins. Over the past years there have been a few drains excavated and they have found coins which have washed down the street, into the gutter and then gotten stuck in the drain...So, today was my day to see what I could find in our drain...I didn't find coins. In fact, I didn't find much. I didn't even find the other side! That will come tomorrow however as we continue to work in ZZ99 (what a cool name, right?!)

I spent most of my morning lying on my stomach in the channel between the two drains. After digging some dirt out I scooped it into buckets which were then sifted by Hannah.

Drain 3 (by Candid Cameron)

Drain 1 (by Candid Cameron)

Having been thoroughly disappointed by the drain I moved on to helping heave rocks out of ZZ99, and then got to go cistern diving (they found a cistern in ZZ4 - I would recommend Brennan's blog for more information on that).

On the Rope Ladder (by Candid Cameron)

Up the Cistern

And, speaking of lying down on the job, I'm not quite sure how Brennan found the time for this (or who took this photo...seriously, Andrea didn't take it and neither did I but it was on our camera), but kudos for ingenuity...

Wheelbarrow Nap

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