Saturday, July 18, 2009

"There's a leg attached to the shower squeegee"

Kristina killed a cockroach on the floor just outside our room.

Andrea and I are staying in Dr. Schuler's old room which is attached to the lab area. The area which we use as a lab (which means the place where all the small finds and pottery are sorted, numbered, counted, stored and sometimes photographed) used to be the dressing room of a music hall here on the kibbutz. The music hall has pretty much been moth-balled, so on occasion we have a cockroach that sneaks in. Thus far Andrea and I haven't seen any in our room...knock-on-wood.

Kristina was here working on some pottery stuff when she came out, knocked on our door, said goodnight and started heading for the exit... then came a scream and some noise and she burst into our room. A few seconds later she and Andrea went back out into the entryway and the cockroach was nowhere to be found. That is, until Andrea lifted up Kristina's backpack...another scream and they were yelling for me to come kill it. I got up and grabbed my boot, but before I even got the chance Kristina had the shower squeegee. The squeegee smacked the hard concrete floor once, twice, three times and then finally met its mark. The cockroach was dead, antennae still twitching.

So if anyone asks, it was Kristina, in the lab with the squeegee.

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