Sunday, July 19, 2009

Move Along

The departure of the Irvine group means our team is much smaller, and it felt that way today. Not a bad feeling when pottery washing came around - we seemed to have hardly any. However, on site, things seemed much different. Lot's of work...less people. We've gone from five squares open down to three, and, since we were essentially done in F8 on Thursday I was moved to square ZZ-0.

ZZ-0 is completely on the opposite side of the complex in comparison to where I was working prior, so getting my bearings took a few minutes. We didn't have many big finds today, but we moved about a half-meter worth of dirt out.

The two things we did find were a column with a "fluted" end and a hole drilled through it and a piece of marble squared off on three sides and rounded on the last. Concerning the column, we're not talking a small hole, it's wide enough to put your hand through. We will have it dug further tomorrow and maybe then we will have more answers about what it could be. The marble piece is somewhat perplexing - it looks like a piece of a banister from a staircase. There was some speculation from Darryl (a retired officer) that it could be a night-stick.

It's Me (by Candid Cameron)
Thanks to all for continuing to read this - we're glad you're enjoying this adventure with us!

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Beth said...

We met up with our friend Mike from San Fran while in Red Lodge. Were talking about the dig and he knew of it because the Irvine team had quite a bit of publicity.