Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just a Little Early Morning Stroll

Every morning we wake up at 4:00 AM, get ready...tighten the crusty laces (and I mean crusty...hard and caked with dirt) on our boots and head to the Kibbutz parking lot to meet the bus by 4:40. The bus takes us three-quarters of the way up the hill, and then we're on our own.

The Trail
The trail is steep, and full of rocks which jut up and out, reminders of the road that once led the way up to the ancient city of Hippos. It is vital to lift your feet while walking. Along the way their are even more reminders of this mountain's history. These come in the form of "Warning: Mine Field" signs and small bunkers that denote it as a former outpost of the Israeli Military. Most, if not all, of the mines are now gone...but I have no desire to be the person who finds the remnants of that not-so-distant past.

I have never been intimidated by the mountain, or the trail, and Andrea and I are generally some of the first ones up the hill. Living at higher elevation and having a love for the outdoors have prepared us well for making this daily trek. Although, at 5:00 AM there's not much to enjoy about it...


F8 Update!
The past two days we have had some amazing fortune! Darryl, Sam and Drew came over from their square (which is mostly finished) and helped us get closer to finishing our square. Just a little bit of work tomorrow, and (crossing fingers) no more big rocks. We've found the floor of what Dr. Schuler believes is a plaza area. This afternoon someone called it "Plaza De Arny." We also have the possible beginning of a staircase heading to the west. We will have that uncovered by tomorrow, I am confident.

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