Friday, July 31, 2009

The Mad Dash

Our mad dash toward coming home began yesterday (Thursday) morning at 4 AM. We headed up for our last day of the dig. I got to work in ZZ99 helping to uncover the remainder of the floor. We uncovered it, rinsed it with water, covered the hole with a board and then covered the floor with door (in order to preserve it). Then we headed down the hill and had our "Last Supper" at the Fish Restaurant connected to the kibbutz.

Andrea and I are now working on packing. We've already gotten rid of most of our dig clothes, and are trying to figure out how to come home with one less bag (Andrea's big bag lost a wheel on the way over here...) Should be an eventful, thoughtful, memorable, sad day. I uploaded a lot of pictures to our flickr page -

Take a look at how we started, and ended, our day yesterday...

The Last Sunrise (by Candid Cameron)

Dock at Night. (by Candid Cameron)

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