Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Things taste better with sound effects."

After 17 days in Israel, most of which have been spent outside...in the heat...digging through dirt and rocks...it's really no wonder that some of us are starting to lose our minds. Although, it could be argued that we all were a few fries short to begin with. This statement about our sanity explains why this morning at breakfast four men had their pictures taken with bowls full of dirt (if it's not explained elsewhere, I promise to follow up on True Grit Cereal for Archaeologists at a later date) and why Andrea was quoted saying the statement above (albeit after we had stopped work and were enjoying a relaxing afternoon).

We started the day the same way we started yesterday, moving out the slough from two squares that were uncovered last year. We should be finished with that cleaning project tomorrow.

After that we moved back to ZZ-0 and swiftly got to work moving rocks out of ZZ-1...However, after this initial push we spent the rest of the day in our square, and my what a day it was!

Remember that Corinthian capital I showed you yesterday - well, it's not longer in our square. AND, I found my own capital. However, it was only an Ionic capital so Darryl wasn't nearly as excited...Both capitals and two column drums were removed by the tractor, which made for quite a show. The tractor driver is incredible, as evidenced by the photos you're about to see.

Ionic capital (by Candid Cameron)
My Ionic capital.

Moving the Capital (by Candid Cameron)
On it's way out.

Just a Bit Further (by Candid Cameron)
Getting Ready for the Corinthian.

Barely Touching the Shade... (by Candid Cameron)
Barely hit the shade on the way out. As an update on the Corinthian capital - Dr. Arthur Segal, who heads the dig, explained that it was most likely constructed around 220 or 250 AD and said that it was one of the best examples of a Roman Corinthian column that he has seen on the site!

Column Drum Number One (by Candid Cameron)
Column drum number one, on it's way out. This is the drum with a hole in it - It was possibly used as some sort of weight or counter balance for an olive press.

Column Drum Number Two (by Candid Cameron)
Column drum number two on it's way out.

Finally, remember what I said about our relaxing afternoon. Well, we found out (at lunch today) that there was another special trip planned for this afternoon to some natural springs in the area of Bet She'an. The springs were amazing...and cold...and the afternoon was wonderful. Only six of us from our team ended up going, and unfortunately we missed Darryl's second devotion! Guess I will have to ask him about it tomorrow. Anyways, the quote came at one point when Andrea was passing out some pieces of fruit leather to people...Don't remember exactly what the context was, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Swimming in the Springs

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bsandtana said...

That is amazing! You can see so clearly what it used to be. This has to make ALL that digging worth it. Very cool!