Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dig Day Six

Cameron's Log: Day Six...

Found more big rocks today. At one point counted 21 awaiting removal.

Rocks, Rocks and More Rocks

Uncovered some large stones, looked like the makings of a wall. Unfortunately there was little evidence to support this and Dr. Schuler suspected it was a "floating" wall, meaning it was built later by squatters or had fallen rather suspiciously...

Upon removing some stones discovered there were, indeed, more underneath! A wall...put back the stones...

Rebuilding the Wall

Found an interesting piece of marble tile toward the end of the day. Seems to have some kind of paint on it. During pottery washing we discovered another piece that fits like a puzzle and has the same red on it...

It has been fun to work in the same square as Andrea. Too bad she gets called away to draw, and will do this even more in the coming two weeks I am sure.

For those who claim she "doesn't get dirty," here she is working hard.

Andrea Working

Andrea Working

Andrea Working

Andrea Working

It should be mentioned, this post was written on Sunday July 12th after the dig day ended. However, since we had just posted commentary on our trip to Jerusalem I did not want to overwhelm you, the reader, with so many posts in such a short time...

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