Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Truth is Sometimes Stranger Than Fiction.

The plot for Snakes on a Plane was full of holes, but at least there was an explanation as to why the snakes were on the plane (even if the questions of how they got there and how they survived went unanswered). Unfortunately the origins of a scorpion which stung a man on a flight from Chicago to Vermont may never be truly known.
The man, who was on the second leg of a journey from San Francisco to Vermont, was apparently stung on the leg while sleeping on the plane and then again while he and his wife were waiting for their luggage. He then went to the hospital and reported feeling ill the next day, a common side effect of being stung. Scorpion stings are rarely fatal to adults, according to the story.

"You're much more likely to die from an ... allergic reaction to a bee sting," the doctor said.

Sullivan said he was taking the experience in stride. "I've traveled enough in tropical climates, Argentina, South America, to know about the risks from insects and animals and microorganisms. ... It's a dangerous world out there."

He said he hadn't seen the recent movie, "Snakes on a Plane," starring Samuel L. Jackson. "I'm pretty selective about what I see," Sullivan said. "Maybe I have to see it now."

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