Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Three Reasons Favre Won't Leave Green Bay

Speculation abounds about the future of Green Bay Packers' Quarterback Brett Favre; some say that he will retire while others are of the opinion that he will. Still others believe that he will leave the Packers and play for another team. No one but Favre knows the answer to the first set of questions, and I would venture to say that even he is uncertain about his own future especially considering the Packers current position in the playoff race. However, as a Packers fan here are three reasons that I DO NOT think that Brett Favre will EVER play for another team.

3. He would lose the respect of Packers fans everywhere if he left for another team. He would be just like every other "selfish" NFL player who left their team simply for more money or the chance at a Super Bowl. (To say that Favre should leave Green Bay because of the success of Steve McNair, like this guy does, is a moot point because McNair was effectively cut by the Titans and therefore had no other choice but to move to Baltimore.)
2. He loves Green Bay and Green Bay loves him. - “I enjoy it here. I don't want to move. I enjoy the fans and I just want to stay. I couldn't envision myself playing for another team.” (After signing contract in 2001 - See No. 1)
1. He signed a lifetime contract in 2001 and is a man of his word! Not only this, but it was Favre who encouraged his teammate Javon Walker in 2005, when Walker was holding out on his contract, to reconsider what he was doing to his team(and teammates) by reneging on the promise he had made to the Packers.

Brett Favre may retire this year or maybe he'll give it one more; one thing is certain he WILL end his career as a Packer.

Here's reason number 4.

If you can't see the video; here.

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