Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Memorization and Recitation

I was just looking at Neatorama and came across this interesting video (below) which shows a preschool aged child reciting state capitals from memory. According to the brief description on the original post he is three years old. As I watched the video I noticed that he got the capital of Minnesota wrong (he says Minneapolis when it is really Saint Paul; a common misconception since they are less than ten miles apart). According to a comment on the post he also missed Alabama, but honestly 48 out of 50 is amazing...for an adult. As an education student with an emphasis in Social Studies even I have trouble remembering the state capitals; I could probably get about 40 of them, on a good day, so for a three year old to get 48 of the fifty capitals is really incredible...I hope that I have children like this in my class someday, although then I wouldn't have to teach them so I'd be out of a job...on second thought send on the ones who need taught.

If you can't see the video; here.

Did I mention that he also knows his European capitals...

If you can't see the video; here.

And African...and Asian...

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