Monday, December 11, 2006

Stuck in the Chimney

In just a few minutes I take my first final, but before I's a fun little story I found on yahoo this morning.

WESTMINSTER, Colo. - Santa must have a trick. A man who was locked out of his house in this Denver suburb tried to get in by sliding down the chimney early Friday, but he got stuck and had to be rescued, authorities said.

The story continues by saying that the man was eventually lifted to safety and no one knows who called the paramedics.
If I was locked out of my house I would go to a neighbors house and ask for a spare key or the use of their phone so that I could call a locksmith. Why is it that some people lack that kind of common sense? I mean, sliding down your chimney because you locked yourself out of your house, how idiotic do you have to be?!

I'm guessing if he were real, Santa would be laughing hysterically at this guy, although maybe he's the one who called 911.

Apparently this is not as uncommon as one would think however...

There's this "Stargazing Boy" who accidently fell into a chimney in 2002.
Or this naked guy who tried to break into a Minneapolis Book Store on Christmas day in 2003.
Or this other naked guy who apparently got locked out of his stepmother's house earlier this year.

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kate said...

goes to show that stupidity continues... must be a gene or something... WHYYYYYYY would you take this tactic? lol