Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dining in the Dark

Last week Say No To Crack posted about the "Taiwan Toilet Restaraunt" where all of the furniture was bathroom related (toilets and sinks)- Here.

Now Yahoo has a story about a restaraunt where customers are subjected to pitch black as they eat. In other words, you could literally have a blind date!

Love is blind -- but in this case, so were the lovers, the waiters and all the other diners at the blind date in the dark.

Lawyer Dennis Cohen thought the "Dining in the Dark" adventure billed as a three-course gourmet meal served in a pitch black dining room by blind waiters would make for an intriguing kickoff to romance.

Held in a banquet hall at a Los Angeles hotel, the culinary and sensory event offers utter obscurity, anonymity and gourmet food -- but is not recommended for anyone scared of the dark.


"You learn how much you rely on your eyesight for cutting food and making sure there's something on your fork," said Russ Hemmis, a real estate investor out with his girlfriend. "But at least I can pick my nose without anyone noticing."

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This is an interesting concept...I think I'll pass for now.

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