Friday, December 15, 2006

American Standard

The next time you're in the bathroom, do me a favor, look at the toilet (or urinal). Was it made by American Standard?
I only ask because I am curious about your opinion on something. For years I have wondered about American Standards logo which appears to be the letters SA inside of a larger C. Now, many might consider this perfectly normal, after all, S and A are the first letters in the words American Standard and C is the first letter in Corporation. However, consider the order of things...the C surrounds the S and A, and subsequently the S and A are in the opposite order of what they should be, considering the company is called American Standard (not Standard American).
I have come to only one conclusion, the C surrounding the S and A, in that particular order, can stand for only one thing, Confederate States of America. It is only logical to ascertain that in the near future the Confederacy will rise again. Only this time there power will lie in brute strength of smell as they will have the power to clog any toilet in the union as they see fit.
So I ask you as informed citizens to consider this the next time you use a public toilet; are you supporting the confederacy?
Or maybe you're just supporting America's Sexiest Plumber.

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