Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Roundhouse Kick To This Blog

Chuck Norris has, in my opinion, achieved "cult icon" status in the United States. From cameos in popular movies like Dodgeball to being the subject of a Saturday Night Live power ballad to fighting in the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny, it appears that this 60 something native of Oklahoma whose real name is "Carlos" has left his indelible mark on our society. So how did Walker's meteoric rise to stardum begin? It probably has something to do with a roundhouse kick to the face, or the fact that he "punched his way out of his mother's womb."
I remember when I was in high-school my friends and I had what is best described as an "infatuation" with Chuck Norris. Some of the most enjoyable times of my high-school career were spent filming "Norris Movies" in my friends' backyards and basements. In these movies someone played Chuck and the rest of us were bad guys who got killed over...and over...and over again while Chuck never got a scratch on him, much like many of his movies. Chuck Norris seems invicible and for a guy in his mid-sixties he looks like it too.

For your viewing pleasure, some fun Chuck Norris facts, as read by the man himself.

If you can't see the video go here.

And finally, The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

If you can't see the video go here.

*Special thanks to Say No To Crack for inspiring this post with their post about ninjas.
**As a gag-gift for one of my friend's 18th birthday I bought him the movie Invasion USA, it was every bit as good as the poster makes it look. Essentially, the Soviets invade the United States and Chuck, in order to avenge a dead loved-one (it seems like this is a major aspect of any good Norris movie), fights them off and sends them, with their tails between their legs, back to the USSR.

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