Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm Melting...I'm Melting...

I find myself melting slowly into oblivion. My blogging skills are waning with the prospects of this daunting semester: 14 credits worth of work (an entire 16 week semester for most) in 10 weeks followed by 6 weeks working in a classroom. Couple that with the tension of "what happens next?"
Next fall I student teach. I'm not 100% sure where, signs are pointing to Kalispell, Montana. After that...a job, who knows where.
Therefore I try to keep my sanity. I do my homework, the best I can. I write my lesson plans, read the books on how to teach (occasionally) and try to sleep whenever possible.
On that note, on of the most interesting, and entertaining, resources I have been introduced to this semester is a site called BrainPop. The site uses fun flash animations to educate students. I would watch it even if I wasn't going to be a teacher. Check it out, most of the videos are not available unless you sign up for them, but they do have a 14 day free trial and some others are available to watch absolutely free.
In summation, did you know that NASA recently (in December) unveiled plans for a permanent base to be constructed on the moon. Some details are available on Wikipedia. More detailed info via National Geographic.
In the immortal words of G.I. Joe - Knowing is half the battle.

If you can't see the video, here.

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