Wednesday, October 18, 2006

You Can't Take it With You

Baseball fanatics won't have to leave behind their beloved teams when they finally go to that big stadium in the sky. Instead, they'll soon be able to rest in peace inside a coffin with team colors and insignia.
Each urn will be stamped with a message saying Major League Baseball officially recognizes the deceased as a lifelong fan of that team.

Death is apparently becoming a big business in this country, and its really not that surprising when you think about it. If a person has no "hope" in eternal life than it becomes necessary to make some indelible mark on the planet that they populated for a short time. To me it is just sad that a person would have to stoop low enough to purchase a burial urn which commemorates their love of a particular sports team. According to the article, this is only the beginning, very soon the company is going to try and move into even bigger markets including the NFL, NHL, and Nascar. It goes on to state that the company, Eternal Image, "wanted to break into a sports venue of some kind." Well isn't that special.

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