Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yes, Montana Has a Speed Limit!

I'm tired of hearing, "Montana has no speed limit, right?" (Griep...)
And now, tonight on the Colbert Report, Governor Brian Schweitzer was the guest. Stephen Colbert's first remark to him was, "I gotta say, I love Montana, no speed limit!" Of course, Gov. Schweitzer set the record straight right away, but honestly, Montana has HAD a speed limit on the Highways since about a year before I first got my Driver's License (2002), and the idea that there is still no speed limit is starting to get kind of annoying.
Get over it people! Even when there was no speed limit, there still was, it was "Reasonable and Prudent" meaning that in order to ensure that you were not pulled over you had to be driving in a safe manner.

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