Saturday, February 07, 2009

Is Fatigue My Muse?

It's after 1:30 in the morning and here I am, still at my computer, still looking at odd occurrences from around the globe, and wondering... why is it that, when I'm absolutely exhausted, I feel compelled to write. Not only that, but the later it gets the easier the words seem to flow; the more creative I become. 

Today felt long, probably because it was. I woke up, as is customary on Fridays, at 6 AM and went to early morning Bible study. Came home, watched Sportscenter and then went to work. After eight hours of the "same ol' thing" I headed to our DCE's house for a "guys night." Finally got home around 11:30. Andrea was talking to her old roommate through Skype. She had been watching Oklahoma, but paused it. When she was done talking, she turned it back on... and fell asleep on the pull out couch watching it. Now I'm sitting here, not really paying attention to it and wondering why in the world I'm still awake. Well, at least tomorrow's Saturday. Oops, I meant to say... today...

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