Friday, October 09, 2009

More in the Health Care Saga

In an interesting and potentially damaging letter to Congress, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops takes the time to point out 3 main reasons they will currently not support the democrats health care legislation.

1. It currently doesn't stop mandated abortions,
2. It doesn't include measures that protect and improve health care and
3. It doesn't provide for legal immigrant access.

Now on the first point, the Catholic church, in my opinion, should accept the fact that their past, present and continued support of the Democrat party, it's members and its elected officials, has landed itself with a government that supports abortion. The DNC platform and all 50 state democrat parties have a platform that supports abortion. That they would now be so shocked to find abortion language in a national health care package should not be a shock to them at all. What should be a shock to the millions of Catholics around the nation is that their church has chosen over the years to support a party that supports abortion whether government funded or not. Now I am not saying that all Catholics support democrats and the national democratic party, but since the days of FDR and JFK the catholic church has in general been a very large voting bloc for democrats at all levels of government. They helped elect this administration, they get to deal with abortion language in the bill. I may disagree just as much as the USCCB, but hey thats why I support a political party that doesn't support abortion.

But what is truly shocking in this letter is that the USCCB, like myself, believes that there is a lack of actual health care reform in the current legislation in Congress. So much so that the USCCB is taking a very strong step and telling members of Congress that their HEALTH CARE bill doesn't currently have measures that actually improve health care cost or access to American citizens.

Democrats in Congress take the USCCB very seriously, as they are a powerful and large lobby that represents millions of democratic donors and voters, and it will be to their peril if they don't heed some of what the USCCB is saying. Dems in congress can ignore Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and republicans in congress and the millions of "right-wing conspirators" all they want, but those democrats should really start to wonder what their bill stands for if even the American catholic church doesn't think their bill improves health care in this country.

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