Thursday, October 29, 2009

iPhone Politics

Daniel Henninger, deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal's Editorial Page, has a great, non-partisan, editorial in today's Wall Street Journal that is absolutely worth a read.

In his analysis of Obamacare and the politics we have seen under the current Democratic congress and Obama administration he points out a few reasons the democrats are failing on a much larger level than the details of why Obamacare is a horrible piece of legislation.

If you don't have the time to read it here is my quick summary of his article:
In 2008 the droves of younger voters (18-40) that turned out in record numbers to vote for "change" wanted a President and a Congress that would move beyond old school politics. A system based on Windows 95, one-size fits all to a system with 100,00 apps tested and improved to cater to the individual.

Democrats and specifically Obama have 100% failed to attempt, let alone achieve this goal. Today's voters and the most of America outside the far-left live in a world where you can personalize your entire life with 100,000 different iPhone apps that fit their lives. Yet in the single largest piece of legislation every proposed Obama is trying grow a one-size fits all health care system that simply will not change health care so much as make it government run.

He argues we need to move into a system where every individual has the opportunity to choose what makes the most sense to them not someone else. Let the health care industry provide apps that can fail, change and move in a direction that suits more people.

He says "We define the past 25 years in terms of entrepreneurs and visionaries in places like Silicon Valley who took a small idea and ran with it. Congress does the opposite. It takes something already big . . . and makes it bigger." and "There was a time when contributing to the common good meant joining something relatively small like the Peace Corps or Teach for America. Now it means being willing to just fall into line behind some huge piece of legislation."

Now this is not to say that currently Republicans have moved out of big box, Windows 95 politics yet either. Until politicians catch up to the real world of fast paced, individualized options for life, they will always fail or create legislation that will eventually fail.

As for me I agree completely with Mr. Henninger. Government cannot continue to grow failed programs like Medicare and Medicaid. California is proof that an unchecked continually growing medicaid system will collapse an entire economy. If we have this proof we must change it not just throw more money at it. In today's modern technology we have trial and error. If through beta testing a software program doesn't work you don't just throw it on the shelves, you fix it first then sell it.

Nothing in Obamacare has ever worked when run by the government but big box unions control this White House and they want "free" health care, so they will get it through trickery and misdirection of the American people. We need to recognize the errors of government and get rid of them not prop them up with billions more.


Anonymous said...

Here’s a good piece discussing the implications of what Henninger writes:

Scottie said...

Yes this is also a great look at the overall problem with government. It does seem that the simplest tasks are completed with ease in the private sector and are always doomed when big government gets involved.

You can only imagine what this means when we take a system as complicated as the American Health Care industry and put Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in charge...