Friday, August 14, 2009

Is this blog American or Un-American? You decide, Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Obama sure can't make up their minds

Earlier this week Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote a USA Today Op-Ed telling American's that they are Un-American for "disrupting" and "drowning out the truth" at town hall meetings across the country.

Now when I set out during my day to exercise my right to free speech I am always glad to have Nancy Pelosi there to tell me whether or not my "free speech" is American or Un-American. Surely none of us want the Speaker of the House, third in line to the Presidency, to think we are Un-American.  The problem though is which Nancy Pelosi am I supposed to listen too? After her USA Today article I thought I understood, that is until I watched this video:


There is a simply reality in America right now, if you agree with Democrats in Congress and with the President you are a patriotic American. If you disagree with health care reform, not only should you not be able to speak out, but if you do you are Un-American and if you spoke out about it on the internet you will be tracked by the White House.  

I find myself asking everyday where all of the love and bi-partisanship that Obama promised went.  Watch this video at about the 1 minute mark

So Obama said in 2008 we need bi-partisan support to find solutions to our countries biggest problem.  Now in 2009 he is saying this:

Does he really think that telling people to sit down and shut up or Nancy Pelosi calling dissenters "Un-American" is the path to bi-partisanship?  We are very quickly travelling down a slippery slope where anything Obama says goes.  And on a regular basis what he says one day is not the same as what he says the next.  

Which leads me to believe that while the people who have been putting up the Obama Joker posters are funny, to be more accurate they should be posters of Two Face. 


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Debs said...

1984 and Animal Farm have never been more poigniant...