Saturday, August 15, 2009

An Evening at Horsetooth...

...Complete with cameras.

We've been away from home for nearly seven weeks, not long when you consider that in a few more short weeks we will be moving to Turkey for an even longer period of time. However, because this "vacation" has a definite end I have found myself missing home... and ready to return. We will spend one more day in Fort Collins and then finally head north to Big Sky Country! After that, we will await our work visas and make final preparations for Turkey.

As this is our second to last night in Fort Collins we decided to take a random trip to Horsetooth Reservoir which is just west of town, in the foothills. As an aside, this is the place where I proposed to Andrea, and I can't believe that was already two years ago...

Horsetooth at Dusk

Pirate Ship
The sky tonight was full of clouds. I snapped a photo of this one as we drove up to the reservoir - I think it looks like a pirate ship.

Anvil 1
In this photo you can see the perfect anvil created by a thunderstorm that passed through town this evening.

Light Trails
You can see the same storm, as it moved eastward, in this photo.

In other new, Scottie has recently (read as this week) purchased a Canon EOS which has made me incredibly jealous. He has also joined flickr, and I must say, he's got some skills behind the camera. You can see his flickr page here. I highly recommend this one which I assisted with...

This post is rated SPF 1 because of a complete lack of sunlight...

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