Thursday, January 29, 2009

That's One Way to Get Out of Jail

Plead incompetence...

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Two prisoners who were handcuffed together as they fled a courthouse foiled their own getaway when they ran to opposite sides of a light pole, slammed into each other and fell to the ground.
Jailers nabbed them as they struggled to their feet.

Their escapade Wednesday was captured by a security camera at Hastings District Court on New Zealand’s North Island. The footage shows the two men trying to make a break for it — but apparently forgetting they were joined at the wrist.

See the Video Footage here... deserves to be watched MULTIPLE times

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Debs said...

I saw this on the news last night, and I couldn't stop laughing! I think the pole needs to be made an honorary police officer, and have a face drawn on it...and maybe painted bright orange...that way someone will see it next time!