Monday, May 19, 2008

New Direction

It's May and I realize that I have, again, neglected this blog for far too long. It's been over six months since I last posted anything. In that seemingly short amount of time I've finished student teaching, finished school, moved back to my hometown, found a great full-time job and gotten married. My life, as you may see is moving in a new direction; a more adult direction. For the most part this blog had been my place to post the interesting, strange and obscure, but my interest in that, although still there, seems to be waning, and I ask myself why. No answer occurs to me. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I don't have hours during the day to simply sit at a computer and search. Then again, perhaps I am simply...heaven forbid...growing up. Both seem viable, but I much prefer the former. With that said, I (fingers crossed) recommit myself to this blog and to the vision which I initially had for it. However, in addition to this and when time permits, you may find me inserting my own opinion on certain issues. If I get really brave I may even share something I've written. So, to the few people who still read this, and the few who may eventually stumble here, I am back...again...

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soulMerlin said...

I think it was Pascal who said something like: Most people read in order to find a person behind the writer and are disappointed to find only the writer.

So share...:)