Thursday, September 03, 2009

Mike Democrat activist strikes in Southern California

In what can only be described as a Mike Tyson style attack, according to reports out of Ventura, California today, during a protest over Obamacare, a pro-Obamacare supporter from a supported rally bit off the pinky finger of 65 year-old William Rice.

According to Rice, during the course of his protest a member of Code Pink engaged him in a debate on the street. After a bit a man from the rally came over and began to argue with the right leaning protest. What ensued was a street fight between the two men in which Rice had his finger bitten off. The man who did the biting took off down the road and his identity is still unknown.

After a quick trip to the hospital doctors could not reattach the severed finger.

Now I understand this is a heated issue, but seriously why would a grown man think it was ok to bite off another mans finger. You can't resort to violence like that just because someone disagrees with you.

I think as Obama goes before congress on Sept. 9th to "reset" his health care plan, he better come up with a way to tell his activists to stop biting off people's appendages, we don't have free health care yet, Rice had to pay for that doctors visit to find out his finger wasn't salvageable.

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