Sunday, June 14, 2009

You're Not Wrong.

According to the world of science the earth is BILLIONS of years old. Also, according to scientific study, data from the past century and a half shows that man has had a direct impact on earth's climate. Now, frankly, I'm no rocket surgeon (to quote one of my favorite shirts on, but those numbers just don't seem to add up.

I've heard illustrations which state; "if the timeline of the earth were the length of your arm, man would have only been around for the tip of your fingernail." It would seem that it is scientifically irresponsible to "conjecture" that data collected only within the past two hundred years really has anything to say about how the earth has cooled, or warmed, over the course of a few billion years.

Now, a new report from NASA suggests that the problem of global warming is not as sinister as we might think...unless, of course, you're heliophobic.

For further reading:

My favorite quote from the latter article:
About 1,000 years ago, Greenland was warm enough for the Vikings to colonize and grow vineyards. Today Greenland is almost entirely covered in ice. Tell me: is the earth warmer today than it was 1,000 years ago? Did they have SUVs and coal power plants in the days of the Vikings? This isn’t tough to figure out, people.

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