Monday, November 13, 2006

I wish I had money...and a real fridge

One of the things I regret from my childhood is that I only played the game of Mousetrap a couple of times. I remember seeing commercials for it constantly, and always thinking how much fun it looked. As an avid Looney Tunes watcher, it reminded me of the crazy contraptions that Wile E. Coyote developed to catch the Roadrunner.
For all of you who feel the same as me and wish you had more time to play Mousetrap have no fear. A new toy has been released which essentially turns your fridge into a giant Mousetrap board.
Essentially, Frigits Deluxe consists of several marbles and a series of colorful magnetic funnels, tunnels, catapults, spinners and sheer drops that stick to the side of your fridge.
Link via mental_floss and OhGizmo!

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